Paint the Sun

During the early stages of production, we were blessed with an introduction to Curtis Peoples, a talented musician and composer, residing in Lubbock, Texas. Curtis, a PhD, is an Archivist at the Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library at Texas Tech University (TTU). He is a musician who has worked in the music business for three decades, and is a graduate and former instructor of the Sound Technology program at South Plains College. He has worked in numerous recording studios and has been a production manager for many events. During 2001, Curtis helped launch the Crossroads Music Archive in the Southwest Collection. He is the archivist for the collection and head of the Crossroads Recording Studio in the TTU Library. He also teaches the History of West Texas Music in the TTU Honors College.

Curtis’ research centers on music and place making him a perfect match for the documentary. His appreciation for Mr. Reaugh’s art and journey shines through his original tracks like “Cicada” and “Paint the Sun”. His music has a knack of transporting us to a simpler time, which play’s an integral part in telling Reaugh’s story. We are so lucky to have him join the documentary team! And, we can’t thank Andy Wilkinson, a fellow Texas Tech colleague, for the kind introduction.

Curtis has since then introduced violinist Laura Jane Houle to the project. Her playing is especially noteworthy when the film reflects on artist Josephine Oliver, an accomplished violinist and Frank Reaugh protege.

Laura has a Master’s Degree in Musicology from Texas Tech University and is now working on her PhD at Tech. Her research interests encompass American Vernacular music focusing on Southern and Texas fiddling. Classically trained, Laura has studied the violin and fiddle for over twelve years.

Like so many people behind the scenes, Curtis and Laura have personally contributed so much to the film’s cause and their time and TALENT is greatly appreciated! And, as post-production continues, we will be considering and adding a few more artists and songs to the mix that will properly convey Mr. Reaugh’s sense of place and time. Stay tuned!


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