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Two words: Impressive Tribute. —John Crain, Texas History Program Director, The Summerlee Foundation

Reaugh Screening5Over a 175 people attended the private screening of the documentary Frank Reaugh: Pastel Poet of the Texas Plains, June 7th, at the Historic Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff. The screening was a small thank you to all of the contributors, both monetary and in-kind, who helped produce this film!

I loved it! Everyone who contributed to the film did such a great job. Thank you for all the work you did to make this a possibility. —Leslie Thompson, Director of Adult Programs, Sid Richardson Museum

If I, Marla Fields (producer/director), had to count the number of contributors, I would say there were at least 100+ more who couldn’t make it this afternoon. Hopefully there will be several more screenings to attend. As one patron added, “It’s the kind of film that will just get better with each viewing.”

Every American Art museum should consider showing this film! It is an extraordinary lesson in art and history and serves as excellent tribute to Frank Reaugh’s many contributions to American Art. —Kevin Vogel, President, Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden

Reaugh Screening6It was a whirlwind for me, and I’m sure I failed to see and thank everyone! I can’t say thank you enough to my editor Chuck Venable and his better half, Kim Venable, for calming my nerves and making me feel like royalty this special day. And of course, the entire crew! What talent – they made me look so good! Don’t I know how to pick ’em! Some of the talented crew in attendance included – Adam Oliver – Music, John Dempsey – Director of Photography, Sher LaDieu – Makeup, and Chuck Venable – Editing.

What an afternoon it was for you and for Mr. Reaugh. Proof that you did good: I teared up. Thank you Marla, for your sensitive attraction to this amazing story and for righting many wrongs in our cultural amnesia.—Max Levy, Architect

Plus, to have so many of our film’s interviewees in attendance such as, Becky Lawton, Bonnie Rea, Michael Grauer, Sam Ratcliffe, Joe Oliver, George Palmer, Peter Mears, and Robert Reitz.

Being a third generation student of Frank Reaugh, the film moved me deeply by embracing the respect and awe collectors, curators, historians and artists have for Mr. Reaugh still today. —Pernie Fallon, Texas Artist & Instructor, Liberty H.S.

Reaugh Screening10Robert Reitz kicked off the event with opening remarks. Robert has been such advocate for this film, and when I say, I couldn’t have made this without him, it is true. He, along with his co-writer and researcher Gardner Smith, provided the foundation for this documentary.

Amazing research evident! Creative presentation! I learned so much and hope our students of history and art will have an opportunity to experience this gem! —Bonnie Rea, President, Frank Reaugh Art Club

To cap the evening, we added elegance with closing remarks from Bonnie Rea, President of the Frank Reaugh Art Club, the film’s largest contributor! She and the club were instrumental in getting Mr. Reaugh’s story to the big screen! And, my it was a big screen! Although he was a visionary, I don’t believe Mr. Reaugh could have ever imagined his work being seen like this. It was such an honor to portray Mr. Reaugh’s story and artwork in such a grand display!

I thought the film was marvelous! I felt like I had had a personal visit with Mr. Reaugh, and taken a tour of his life and his art. —Julie Travis, Librarian

Reaugh Screening14Special thanks goes out to Brad Sharp, filmmaker and photographer of New Heart Digital, for capturing this special event for us! It was fun to see everyone and equally fun to hear feedback on what part of the story seemed to touch which viewers the most.

I was quite impressed by the film’s ability to show Mr. Reaugh’s feelings for Josephine Oliver, both before and after she married Olin Travis. It was a very touching story. —Scott Chase, Oak Cliff Resident & Early Texas Art Collector

What’s next? We need your help with publicity and distribution! Be it with donations for duplication or with networking! Perhaps you may want to sponsor a future screening? Please let us know if you wish to help spread the Reaugh gospel by contacting us here.

Finally, a documentary film on American artist Frank Reaugh. Marla Fields has poured her heart and soul into telling Mr. Reaugh’s story on film. Now it remains for film festivals, public institutions, and public television, to air this exemplary piece on one of America’s truly great unsung artists and historical figures. Perhaps Texas itself might right this wrong by taking the steer by the horns?—Michael Grauer, Associate Director for Curatorial Affairs/Curator of Art & Western Heritage, Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

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