A Must See For All Art Lovers

Beaumont Screening.001Frank Reaugh: Pastel Poet of the Texas Plains is a true gem and art historical treasure – featuring the life and story of one of our state’s greatest artists. Through her documentary, Marla Fields has managed to tell Mr. Reaugh’s story in both a fascinating and educational sense, enlightening audiences and giving fresh voice to this piece of our past. This is a must see for all art lovers, Texas art collectors and history buffs – as well as emerging documentary filmmakers!”

—Sarah Beth Wilson, Curator of Exhibitions and Collections

Beaumont Screening.002The beauty of making a documentary is that, with each community screening and viewing, you affect change. And it’s champions like The Art Museum of Southeast Texas, the McFaddin-Ward House Museum, and the Center for the Advancement of Early Texas Art that made the Beaumont screening a success. We met some of the most appreciative audience members during this event. During the credits, one lovely lady, jumped up to leave, or so I thought! But to my surprise, she wanted to hug me, the producer, to thank me for sharing this story. McFaddin-Ward Curator Allen Lea, who had joined us for a screening earlier in Houston, also confessed how he has become “obsessed with Frank Reaugh” and was excited for his membership to see the film.

Beaumont Screening.003The discussion after the event quickly passed and we want to say thank you again to the AMSET family for hosting the event, specifically Executive Director Lynn Castle, Sarah Beth Wilson, and Andy Gardner. Special thanks to Allen Lea and his McFaddin-Ward team. As a side note, Allen kindly gave me a tour of this historic property during the rain. Believe me, this tour is a must see on your bucket list next time you are in Beaumont! Thank you to CASETA for their continued support. And to our audience, thank you for being fans of and for supporting the arts!

—Marla Fields, Producer and Director

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