The Texas Red Bugs are Biting

~ Frank Reaugh, May 7, 1905

“As to the sketch trip, I believe we can manage it all right if you think you can spare a couple of months at any time this summer. I mentioned June or July because that would be the earliest that I could get off, and also, I had an idea that mid-summer was your dull season as it is mine. By that time the red bugs have gone into business and all the Dallas people that have money hunt a higher latitude. Any way they keep off the grass. While Sept. and Oct. are good months to teach, they are also good for sketching, the best in the year in fact, and I hope we can arrange to be out then.”

A favorite, this excerpt was taken from a letter written to Mr. Reaugh’s protégé and long-time friend, Louis Oscar Griffith (L.O.), some 113 years ago.

Oh, the chiggers—some things never change!

Speaking of bites, we’ve got a big one for this Fall but we can’t divulge the exciting news at this time. We know you’re itching to find out, but dab some apple cider vinegar on them, and stay close to this site, our Facebook Page, or Twitter.

Sorry, couldn’t resist the play on words!

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