About the Film

A Superb Documentary…

—Joe Holley, Columnist, The Houston Chronicle

Two words: Impressive Tribute.

—John Crain, Texas History Program Director, The Summerlee Foundation

Through her documentary, Marla Fields has managed to tell Mr. Reaugh’s story in both a fascinating and educational sense, enlightening audiences and giving fresh voice to this piece of our past. This is a must see for all art lovers, Texas art collectors and history buffs – as well as emerging documentary filmmakers!

—Sarah Beth Wilson, Curator of Exhibitions and Collections, Art Museum of Southeast Texas

When a filmmaker gets a standing ovation for an art documentary, you know you’re connecting with the community in the right way. Frank Reaugh’s story touches not only art lovers, but filmmakers, historians, and everyday movie-goers as well.

— Chad Mathews, Executive Director, Hill Country Film Society

Finally, a documentary film on American artist Frank Reaugh. Marla Fields has poured her heart and soul into telling Mr. Reaugh’s story on film. Now it remains for film festivals, public institutions, and public television, to air this exemplary piece on one of America’s truly great unsung artists and historical figures.

—Michael Grauer, Associate Director for Curatorial Affairs/Curator of Art & Western Heritage, Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

Every American Art museum should consider showing this film. It is an extraordinary lesson in art and history and serves as an excellent tribute to Frank Reaugh’s many contributions to American Art.

—Kevin Vogel, President,Valley House Gallery & Sculpture Garden

The Frank Reaugh documentary is wonderful and a real contribution to Mr. Reaugh’s studies.

—Rebecca E. Lawton, Curator of Paintings & Sculpture, Amon Carter Museum of American Art

It was the touching and inspiring portrait I was hoping it would be. Frank Reaugh, after decades of relative obscurity, not only reattains his reputation as one of our foremost Texas artists but with the help of this wonderful documentary, may finally obtain the well-deserved acknowledgment as being one of our great American artists.

—George Palmer, Founder, Texas Art Collectors Organization

In short, the film is outstanding and I’m proud to have been a part of it.

—Sam Ratcliffe, Head, Bywaters Special Collections, Hamon Arts Library, SMU

Frank Reaugh, (pronounced Ray), one of the state’s earliest and most distinguished artists, is well known to historians, curators, and collectors of early Texas art but not necessarily to the public at large. In this feature-length documentary shot in high-definition, we anticipate that a new audience will discover the remarkable contributions of this American artist, inventor, naturalist, and educator.

Mr. Reaugh was a key figure in the region’s development of visual art and art education during the turn of the 19th century and his life story serves as an excellent example of the early pioneer spirit that is synonymous with Texas. Featuring his pastel landscapes and nature studies held in public and private collections, student interview, curators, and gallerists, and period photographs, ephemera, and music, this documentary film finally brings deserved attention to this visionary’s fascinating life while acknowledging his many contributions to society.