Frank Reaugh Art Club

Courtesy posting August 18, 2018

Today’s Frank Reaugh Art Club (FRAC) was organized in 1922 in Dallas, Texas. Pupils, old and new, formed the Club to honor his art and his many contributions within the art community. The first Frank Reaugh Art Club was established in the late 1800s near his family’s farm near Terrell, TX before he and his parents relocated to Oak Cliff, TX.

Professor Reaugh made quite an impression on his students who have perpetuated his techniques through the years. He inspired hundreds of artists then, and even now. Since its inception, the Club has continued to celebrate Mr. Reaugh on his birthday every December 29th. Each year, Club members and guests take turns sharing their accounts of the scholarly gentleman and his talented students.

It is the mission of the FRAC to carry on his legacy for years to come, and anyone is encouraged to join the Club. For many years, membership dues have remained at the unique minimum price of $10.00 a year. These funds and any private contributions are used to perpetuate Frank Reaugh’s legacy through special events, projects, and exhibitions. We invite artists and appreciators of all art to join in this mission.

If you have a story to share, wish to learn more about Mr. Reaugh or the Club, sign up for our mailing list, or become a member, please contact Bonnie Rea, President of the FRAC, at