Each phase of production was key in capturing and editing hundreds of images. From Austin and Houston to Dallas, Lubbock and Canyon, Texas, this documentary was a statewide collaboration of filmmakers, collectors, associated scholars, curators, historians, collecting institutions, art enthusiasts, and Reaugh devotees. Even our Midwest art aficionados shared their materials as well.

The funds for the phases of production were secured and are listed below. The documentary is complete and we haven’t had the need for donations since 2017.

We sincerely thank everyone that contributed to the cost, shared their images, and especially, donated their time and resources to making of this documentary!

Roll Credits!

Funds Secured!

Pre-production – DONE! $9,230 in in-kind donations for research, consulting, pre-interviews, website, publicity and coordination for production phases to come.

Preview Trailer – DONE! $9,074 all donated – for equipment, personnel, music rights, artwork, post-production for a 5 minute promotional teaser for the website and promotion. [Read and see it here…]

Austin Shoot DONE! $14,000 for this phase of production that received funds for $8,000 plus an additional $6,000 in in-kind donations for this 2-day shoot to interview Lucretia Donnell, Texas artist and Frank Reaugh student, and Peter Mears, Curator at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at The University of Texas at Austin. [Read about our success here…]

Denton at UNT on the Square – DONE! $3,300 for one-camera shoot to capture the beautiful Reaughs on display and spend a day at UNT on the Square.  Thanks to Herbert Holl, Meredith Buie and Erin Chalkley for their assistance at the gallery. [Read more here…]

Dallas – Phase 1 –  DONE! $7,500 donated by the Summerlee Foundation for a team to capture four more key interviews at the beautiful offices of the Summerlee Foundation, also donated!  [Read more here…]

Dallas – Phase 2DONE! $4,000 raised for a one day shoot to film Michael Grauer, Curator of Art at Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, and Michael Ennis, veteran art critic and historical novelist at David Dike Fine Art. [Read more here…]

West Texas – DONE! $12,000 was raised for a 4-day shoot in Canyon and West Texas to capture artwork from the vast collection at Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum with a special Reaugh sketch trip along the way to record Tule Canyon, Quitaque Peaks, Medicine Mound, and Buzzard Peak. Funds remaining went to post-production.

Dallas – Final Phase – DONE! $7,500 was raised to finish Post-producton. The final edit exceeded this amount but Reaugh devotees donated hundreds of extra hours to produce and perfect this documentary, while they continue to assist in the marketing and distribution.