Oct 15 2014

Michael Martin Murphey Sings Frank Reaugh’s Praises

Native Texan Michael Martin Murphey joins the mission and lends his talents to the documentary Frank Reaugh: Pastel Poet of the Texas Plains.

Like Mr. Reaugh, Murphey has left a lasting mark on the American music landscape with songs like “Wildfire,” “Carolina In the Pines” and “Cowboy Logic,” writes producer/director Marla Fields. “Michael is a wonderful storyteller, which makes him the ideal choice for the film’s narration. Plus, he is from Oak Cliff, Mr. Reaugh’s adopted city!”

Murphey, a passionate advocate of the American West, has been a longtime admirer of Mr. Reaugh’s work. He adds, “Mr. Reaugh is a remarkable man. I’ve never heard of anyone so completely dedicated to art. But there’s still something mysterious about him.”

After moving from Illinois in 1876, Frank Reaugh and his family eventually settled in Oak Cliff, TX in 1890. Throughout his career as an artist, teacher, naturalist, and inventor, Mr. Reaugh was highly respected within the community; however, over time his legacy faded. This non-profit documentary hopes to rekindle this mysterious man’s story and remind audiences of Mr. Reaugh’s lengthy contributions to not just art in Texas, but American art.

Fields adds, “Michael is incredibly busy, but he believed in the project so much that he carved out an afternoon for us. His support of the project is an important affirmation to the film’s message and mission.” Murphey adds, “I enjoyed the whole process, and the film is a very worthy project.”

Special thanks to Scott Faris and Amusement Park Recording Studio in Lubbock, TX. Additional thanks to Curtis Peoples for the introduction, Roslyn and Neil Rood for assisting with travel and to all who have contributed to the film’s funds online and with in-kind donations. You are making this movie a reality!

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